Bible 103: God's Design For The Christian Home

Course Objectives: To develop a deep appreciation for God's Word and the place it holds in the development of the Christian Home.  To gain insight into God's plan for the family and the workings thereof.  To develop an understanding of the influence of the Christian home on the world. 

Instructor:  Russell K. Jurek, D. Phil., Professor


Following are videos of the classroom instruction for this course in MP4 format.  You can "Play" these videos on devices with a MP4 compatible Video Player such as Windows Media Player, QuickTime, etc.  If you have a slow internet connection you may experience some pausing/buffering of the video.  If you right click on the link you can "Save" the file to your local computer and play it from there without the buffering.  Depending on the speed of your internet service it may take a while for the file to download to your computer.

Lesson 1 - God's Plan For Families In Today's World

Lesson 2 - As The Family Goes, So Goes The World

Lesson 3 - The Marriage-Go-Round

Lesson 4 - Strong Families Express Appreciation

Lesson 5 - Strong Families Develop Good Communications Patterns (Part 1)

Lesson 6 - Strong Families Develop Good Communications Patterns (Part 2)

Lesson 7 - Strong Families Spend Time Together

Lesson 8 - Strong Families Have A High Degree of Commitment

Lesson 9 - Strong Families Have A High Degree of Religious Orientation

Lesson 10 - Strong Families Learn How To Handle Crisis In A Positive Manner

Lesson 11 - One Another Relationships

Lesson 12 - Strong Families Make Strong Churches


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