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Our Worship Services are streamed live from this page every Sunday morning.  The broadcast will begin at approximately 10:20 AM with the services starting at 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time.  Please make sure "Live Stream - Edgehill Church of Christ" is selected in the player.  This should load automatically when this page is accessed.  Click on the "Play" button below anytime after 10:20 AM.  You may see a small circle rotating (i.e., buffering) in the lower left corner of the player.  This should go away once the broadcast begins.  If you have difficulty with the live stream (e.g., freezing) you can try reloading (i.e., refreshing) this page in your internet browser and then clicking on the play button again.  To watch previously recorded sermons select (click on) the desired sermon on the right hand side of the player and then click on the "Play" button.  Click on the "Next" or "Prev" links to scroll through all the achieved video sermons.


If you are using Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10 and see the message "TruthCasting requires Adobe Flash Player," click on the small circular icon at the left end of the browser address bar and select "Allow Adobe Flash" and then "Refresh" the page in the browser.